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Shipping Glossary


Shipping acronym Terminology
A/N Arrival Notice
BKG Booking
B/L Bill of Lading
CM Correction Memo
D/O Delivery Order
EIR Equipment Interchange Receipt
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETB Estimated Time of Berth
FEU Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
L/G Letter of Guarantee
L/C Letter of Credit
OB On Board
POL Port of Loading
PLR Place Receipt
POD Port of Discharge
PLD Place of Delivery
T/S Port Transhipment Port
TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit


Shipping acronym Terminology
AI All In Rate
M/T Measurement Ton/ Basis
OFT Ocean Freight
W/T Weight Ton
Shipping acronym Terminology
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor (Bunker Surcharge)
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor (Currency Surcharge)
CHC Container Handling Charge
CIC Container Imbalance Charge
CBR Critical Bunker Recovery
CRS Cost Recovery Surcharge
DEM Demurrage
DET Detention
EBS Emergency Bunker Surcharge
FAF Fuel Adjustment Factor
IPS ICD Pendency Surcharge
SPS International Ship and Port Facility Security Charge
OWS Over Weight Surcharge
PSS Peak Season Surcharge
PCS Port Congestion Surcharge
RCS Reefer Consumption Surcharge
SPA Saudi-Arabia Port Additional Charge
STF Stuffing and Unstuffing Charge
THC Terminal Handling Charge
WRP War Risk Premium
YAS Yen Appreciation Surcharge
Sales Team
Shipping acronym Terminology
C & F Cost & Freight
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight
FOB Free On Board
Shipside Term
Shipping acronym Terminology
FIO Free In / Free Out Term


Terminal Container
Shipping acronym Terminology
DG Dangerous Cargo
FO Open Top
FR Flat Rack
GP General Purpose
RF Reefer Container
SD Standard Container
SD Steel Dry
Cargo Acceptance Terms
Shipping acronym Terminology
LCL Less Than Container Load
FCL Full Container Load
CFS Container Freight Station
CY Container Yard


Shipping acronym Terminology
NVOCC (Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier)
BCO Beneficial Cargo Owner
CBM Cubic Meter
COC Carrier Own Container
COD Change Of Destination
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
PTI Pre-trip Inspection
ROB Remain on Board
SOC Shippers Own Container
S/C Straddle Carrier